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St. Christopher's Episcopal Church
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  536 - God Has Spoken to His People

Newsletters and Announcements



*March 5 - Stonebridge Nursing Home - 10 AM
*March 6 - El Buen Samaritano ingathering. Donation box in Narthex for non-perishable items.
*March 12 - Monte Siesta Bingo, 2:30 PM
*March 14 - Vestry Meeting 7PM
*March 19 - Make palm crosses
*March 20 - Palm Sunday
*March 24 - Maundy Thursday
*March 25 - Good Friday
*March 27 - Easter Sunday

*Children's Chapel - We have begun something new and exciting. Each month we will focus on one person, event, or story from the Bible. For February, we are studying the story of Esther. Each week we will experience this lesson in a different way:

Week 1 - Video and discussion
Week 2 - Arts and Crafts
Week 3 - Drama, theatrical play
Week 4 - Food and Fun
Week 5 - Music and Song

These are the lessons we have materials for:
Genesis, Moses, Abraham, Noah, Samuel, Esther, Jonah,
Jesus' birth, The little lost sheep, Jesus' miracles, Easter,
Jesus appears to his followers, Saul, Paul and Silas go to jail.

Palm Sunday, March 20, 2005 at 10:00 AM

Person to Person - Bring some one to church Sunday

Youth Opportunity: March 20, 4:00-8:00 p.m. at St. Matthew's. For all 6-12th graders in the Diocese. Worship, food, fun, and a service project of gathering toiletry items for El Buen Samaritano. The cost is only $5.00 and a toiletry item. Information: Phil Webster, St. Matthew's, 512-345-8314.

Maundy Thursday, March 24, 2005 at 7:00 PM
Foot washing and Eucharist

Good Friday, March 25, 2005
The Way of the Cross
Watch for details about an opportunity to say the pray the Way of the Cross at our outdoor stations and for a service inside the church for those who prefer.

Easter Sunday March 27, 2005 at 10 AM
We will have the joy of breaking our Lenten fast with the glorious festival of the Resurrection.

An effort is underway to provide a FLOWERING OF THE CROSS and an EASTER EGG HUNT for children following the Worship Service. Watch for details.

To contribute to the Easter Lily Fund and make a special dedication, please complete a dedication envelope on the table in the Narthex and place it in the special receptacle no later than March 20th. Your dedication will be included in the pew sheet on Easter. Suggested donation = $10.00

NOON BIBLE STUDY: Richard Lauzon will lead a Bible study on Wednesday's starting @ noon. To include noonday prayer, light lunch and of course Bible Study. All who are interested - please call Richard at 249-7079 or e-mail him at Or - call the church office at 288-0128.

Young Adults Program is under construction; if you are interested or have ideas, please contact Donna Lauzon at 249-7079.

Vestry Elections- At its retreat on Saturday, February 19, the vestry elected Bob Barr as Junior Warden, Melinda Bozarth as Clerk, and Bill Menefee as Treasurer.

Prayer Meetings and Bible study 6:30 p.m. Wednesdays, followed by a light supper and Bible Study, probably around 7:00 to 7:15 and ending at 8:15 to 8:30. We have almost made it to Acts 3, with each week great discussions about the word. All are enjoying each week's prayer, fellowship, and study, bring your Bible, and please join us. Questions: please contact Bob and Nancy Barr at 264-2558.

Nursing Home Ministries
STONEBRIDGE WORSHIP - 1st Sat. (Mar. 5) 10 a.m. If you have questions or would like to join us, please contact ministry leader Donna Lauzon at 249-7079.

MONTE SIESTA BINGO - 2nd Sat. at 2:15 PM. March 12. This ministry has really grown. You should see the crowd! Come and join us. We need help reading numbers, assisting the residents with cards & chips. You may contact the ministry leader Andrew Lauzon at 249-7079 for further information.

SINGERS - All singers are welcome in the choir on Sundays. Rehearing starts at 9:15 before the service.

YEAR-ROUND FLOWER DEDICATIONS To commemorate a special date in your life by providing altar flowers on Sunday morning, please make note of it on the Flower Chart in the hallway next to the Narthex. Every Sunday is available, except for the Lenten Season, Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday (and the Sunday after), Christmas Eve (and two Sundays after). Your contribution of $30.00 is requested for this purpose. The Altar/Flower Guild will purchase and prepare the flowers. If you have specific flowers in mind, please contact Kathy Berry at 288-0894.

*Sunday's Coffee and Fellowship Time. We want to extend an invitation to everyone, come join us after the service each Sunday in the parish hall. Thanks for coming.



In the Name of Our Lord, Jesus,